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Complex Residential Solution

Pace Interiors has successfully completed projects for numerous high profile architects and builders. In 2010 Pace Interiors worked on an architectural project for an environmentally sustainable residential building in Prince’s Hill. The client was an existing client and entrusted Pace to create a viable and stylistic solution to their problem. The home had a curved roof line and no provision had been made in the original concept and design for window coverings, so in conjunction with the architects Pace Interiors came up with a solution that would maximise energy efficiency by utilising a combination of motorised and refined window coverings. The result was that the changes complimented the residence while maintaining the environmentally sustainable aesthetic that they had chosen for the look of their home.

Richmond Warehouse

In 2010 Pace Interiors solved a problem with a warehouse conversion that no existing company had been successful in achieving. The Richmond residence had unusually shaped windows which were out of reach and the proposed solution was that in order to maximise ideal heating and cooling efficiency, the windows needed to be covered. The Pace Interiors team of consultants resolved the issue by utilising pleated motorised blinds operated by remote control.